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CHANCE DOOR INTERNATIONAL specializes in the supply of equipment and service solutions to the international oil and gas industry. We guarantee quality goods, competitive price, and timely delivery. 

Our range of equipment and service solutions include; 

Rig Equipment and tools, Service and spares 

Wellhead: Annular & RAM type BOP, Chrimstmas Tree, Manifold, Valves & parts under API Standard 

Oilfield associated services 


Laboratory supplies 

Safety products 

CHANCE DOOR International has the personnel and experience to ensure that our Rig and equipment packages are manufactured to international standards, and can start up and operate with maximum uptime in the field. With a long history of operating and maintaining onshore and offshore rigs our personnel are well equipped to assist our customers optimize their rig packages to save operational time during drilling and moving activities. 


Through experience, CHANCE DOOR International has established a list of approved vendors that have all the relevant API & ISO certification required as well as proven commitment to quality. During manufacturing of equipment packages CHANCE DOOR International are on site, contributing to the quality of the end product, and its ability to perform in the field. In addition CHANCE DOOR International has developed its own acceptance testing standards that exceed conventional Factory Acceptance Testing. 

All of our efforts during manufacturing are aimed at provided the Customer with the peace of mind that when the equipment arrives on location, it is ready to go to work, and it will perform reliably. 

CHANCE DOOR International provides comprehensive after sales service, including equipment installation and rig up support, operational training, warranty interface, and supply of technical service and spare parts.

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