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    Frac Head (Goat Head)

    API 6A Frac Heads Reliable and durable design for high pressure, high flow-rate frac completions Shape-Forging ensures quality and competitive price Optimized size and weight Enhanced for extreme working conditions Customized for specific needs

    1. Detailed information

    Material Level: DD, EE, FF

    Spec: PSL1~PSL3

    No.ModelWorking PressureMain Bore SizeNo. of OutletsOutlet Size
    1QB 1010M4-1/16”44-1/16”
    2QB 1515M4-1/16”44-1/16”
    3HB 1010M5-1/8"63-1/16”
    4HB 1515M5-1/8"63-1/16”
    5FB 1010M5-1/8"44-1/16”
    6FB 1515M5-1/8"44-1/16”
    7WR 1010M5-1/8"64-1/16”
    8WR 1515M5-1/8"64-1/16”
    9OT 1010M7-1/16"63-1/16"
    10OT 1515M7-1/16"63-1/16"
    11OG 1010M7-1/16"44-1/16"
    13CENTER 1010M7-1/16"64-1/16"
    14CENTER 1515M7-1/16"64-1/16"

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